Tally's Silver Spoon, Rapid City

Tally's Silver Spoon is deceptive.  The menu suggests it is a humble diner.  It is also open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  However, it offers creative cooking with many locally sourced ingredients.  It offers an imaginative take on familiar dishes, such as "chicken and waffles" and also flat-out gourmet offerings, such as the "foie gras of the moment".  Our food was delicious and beautifully plated.  We would definitely eat there again.
Sunflower Pork: grilled flat iron, chanterelle-preserved lemon ragout, pommes dauphine, sunflower seed streusel, candied lemon peel

The vegetable pasta

Colorado lamb with Artichoke, caper, pea, olive, caulilini, feta, tzatziki (she had the feta and tzatziki on the side)

Cultural Preservation of Salmon: Cured belly, pate, roe, crispy skin, tomato jam, cucumber relish

Peaches, biscuits and cream - a creamy sweet and salty dish


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