Raised by Wolves, La Jolla

It looks like a premium liquor shop with beautifully displayed bottles of expensive Scotch and vintage hard booze.  There is no sign of a bar, at all.  At 4:00 PM, patrons sit by two's in regal chairs in front of a faux fireplace and then the entire booth spins 180 degrees and you enter the Raised by Wolves bar.  It is dark and cosy with a English castle vibe and a huge glass gazebo over the bar itself.  You can sit at tables or the large bar.  There were several parties getting started.  It looks like a nice place to get dressed up and have some fun.  (You don't have to get dressed up.  This is California, after all.)  We had two drinks.  The cocktails were good, but the menu is more limited than what I would have expected.  Most of the drink are of the fruity variety with about 25 options.  They had an interesting selection of boilermakers, not something I drink, but a surprise on a menu.  They had a limited beer and wine selection, as well.  There is a page of reserve cocktails made with vintage liquors that were insanely expensive.  There didn't seem to be any food offerings.

It is a fun place to visit and the interior is gorgeous. The retail store is open during regular mall hours and the bar is revealed beginning at 4:00 PM.  We got there at 3:50 PM and there was already a short line.  Make reservations if you are part of a group or are trying to be seated after 5:00 PM.  The bar is located in the University Towne Center Mall, near the Nordstrom's.

The secret spinning entrance

The stained glass center

Those are real books!

Our Bitter Bramble and Rainbow Cup

Don't order off this list by mistake.  The Vintage Old-Fashioned is $790


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