(kol) - Rapid City, South Dakota

We liked our meal at (kol) so much, we went back a second night.  This restaurant is in downtown Rapid City, South Dakota and features an enormous coal-fired open oven.  The decor is industrial chic and it is a very large space with ample windows.  Friday, we had roasted brussels with bacon and a pomegranate reduction, chili, roasted bison on a skewer with chimichurri sauce, chicken on a skewer, and a salad of fig, pear and goat cheese.  This was for four.  The portions were generous with the skewers coming with sides of your choice.  The "fig in a pear tree" salad cost $13 and was so large, it made a meal.

The second night, two of us had drinks that were delicious.  I had the pork belly on cornbread pudding with parsnips.  This was also a large portion and I would have had plenty of left-over pork for a sandwich.  (I was staying in a hotel, so didn't take anything back).  My friends were also very happy with their meals.  I wanted to try everything on the menu, but we were in Rapid City for just a few days.  In addition to roasted fare, like steak, lamb and salmon, there are a range of pizzas, that looked great.

This honey-bear bees knees cocktail was cute and delicious

A white cosmo with elderflower liquer, lime and vodka

My ample pork dish

Somebody started on their salmon before I could get a picture

Dessert was a pumpkin bread pudding with pepitas
From Friday night:

The space.  The bar is beautiful


Goat cheese, thinly sliced pear, arugula and figs

Bison with a side salad of quinoa


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