Downtown Rapid City, South Dakota

Rapid City has a small, but charming downtown.  It boasts life-size, bronze statues of all the Presidents.  These sculptures are very well done with an emphasis on the human aspects of each President.  The statue of George W. Bush depicts him holding his little dog.  Ronald Reagan is dressed in Western attire and is raising his hand in a friendly wave.  Taft is getting ready to pitch a ball.  Kennedy is holding the hand of his young son.  You can see all the pieces here.

This is Benjamin Harrison feeding birds

We ate at (kol), Talley's Silver Spoon and had snacks twice at Harriet & Oak.  It is a great place for coffee, interesting teas and snacks, such as home-made pop tarts, pumpkin bread and more.

You can sit in a old VW bus

We also popped into Prairie Edge.  This large store includes a wide range of Native American art, crafts, traditional herbs, beads, books, traditional tobacco and more.  It is well worth a visit.  We bought two books, two balms, copal incense, palo santo incense and some postcards.  There is interesting display of beads, as well.


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