Sunrise Surprise Stroll at San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo has lots of interesting special programs.  We took the Sunrise Stroll, which is held many Saturday mornings during the year.  Don't worry, it doesn't start at sunrise.  The program started at 7:30 AM.  We heard some zoo news and a discussion about a new app to help people bring attention to animal trafficking.  Then, the animals arrived.  We saw a snake, turtle and lizard.  Then, we strolled down to see the Amur leopard cubs.  So cute and playful!  It was fun walking through the quiet and empty zoo.  The program concluded with muffins and coffee around 8:45 AM at the cafe near the pandas. We heard the gibbons singing their morning song.  We got to start our zoo visit from down there by the cafe and we saw the bears and snow leopards before anyone else arrived.  We do a special program at either the Zoo or Safari Park about once a month.  They are a lot of fun!

A handsome Blue-tongued skink

An Aussie Woma python

This California native

A cub chowing down on ribs

Amur leopard cub with Mum

Grizzly eating through a bone

The Zoo has amazing plants, as well, like this tulip tree


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