High Tide Dinner at the Marine Room, La Jolla

The Marine Room is our go-to site for all our special occasion dinners.  We went for one of their High Tide Dinners a few weeks ago.  The restaurant sits right on the beach and at the highest tide each month, the beach disappears and water almost laps at the windows.  It makes for an extra-special evening and beautiful photos.  These extra high tides occur when the moon is closer to the earth (perigee), because of its elliptical path.  Fine dining + Science!

The food is always great.  The plates are very well composed with lots of different flavor and texture elements.  I especially appreciate the generous use of vegetables.  The portion size is also excellent.  You can eat three courses and not feel like you are going to explode.  Yet, an entree alone is a satisfying meal.

We started with an appetizer of a goat cheese brulee with a salad of romaine, mirabelle jam and pine nut bar

Roasted lamb on bread pudding with a baby artichoke, white asparagus and that's a lotus root as a flag

A member of our party ALWAYS gets halibut

Faroe Island Salmon

More view

Honey yuzu mousse

Chocolate praline pyramid with a cherry morello sauce on the side


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