Everest Cafe, The Grove, St. Louis

I haven't had much Nepalese food, so I was excited to try Everest Cafe.  It is in The Grove, which is an interesting section of St. Louis with some remarkable street art.  If you stand still for too long, someone will come along and paint a mural on you!

The food is good, inexpensive and plentiful.  Much of the menu will seem familiar, if you eat much Indian food.  There are dals, samosas, paneer dishes and kormas.  There are also unique dishes such as mo-mos ( a dumpling) and noodle dishes that are more similar to Chinese food.  There is also a section of Korean food.  Everything we had was delicious and I would be happy to go back and try some other items. 

The restaurant is a bright, cheerful, informal place decorated with art from Nepal.  The menu tells the story of the founder, who was orphaned as a teen and homeless in Nepal, until adopted and brought to the U.S.

This Nepalese platter is similar to a traditional South Indian thali

Annapurna Trail (noodles with vegetables)

Spicy chicken

Excellent dal soup


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