True Food Kitchen in UTC mall, San Diego

The mall at UTC is the nicest mall I've ever visited.  It has an interesting selection of stores, beautiful fountains and open spaces with ample outdoor seating and a good range of restaurants - from fast food to upscale.  There are several good fast casual places serving healthy food.  The newest is True Kitchen.  It was a beautiful place with a spacious patio and a large indoor (and air conditioned) area with an open kitchen.  Our server was very helpful in pointing out the seasonal specialities that highlighted watermelon.  The food is similar to what I often make at home, but with interesting touches that make it more elevated.  It gave me a lot of ideas of things to add to what I make at home.  For example,  the watermelon salad had a base of an amazing coconut-lime yogurt.  It was tangy and unique.  It made the dish really special. 

We also had an ancient grain bowl and chicken tortilla soup:

The menu is large with plenty of interesting drink options, pizza and more.  It is not a place I can imagine getting tired of and with a menu that changes seasonally, there is always a surprise.

Good food!  Good prices!  Good space!


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