Mango in downtown St. Louis

Yucca fries

Quinoa salad with mango

Chicken soup with citrus

My food - aji de gallina (chicken with garlic)

Chicken with a mango salsa

I love yucca fries!  They have more taste than regular fries and more dietary fiber.  We started our dinner at Mango with an order.  They were hot and delicious and came with a garlic sauce.  Peruvian food is hearty and filling.  Most dishes contain a starch such as potato, yucca or rice.  You won't leave hungry and you will likely have left-overs.  Peruvian food is flavorful, rather than spicy hot with lots of chile peppers.  

Mango is in downtown St. Louis near the Marriott and not too far from the Arch.  It is an attractive, modern, bright space.  There is an ample cocktail, beer and wine menu.  Most of the cocktails are South American favorites, such as pisco sour and caipirinha.  The wine list well represents wines of Chile, Peru and Argentina.  It is a bargain, with most entrees priced at $25 or less.  In place of an entree, it is easy to put together a great meal from a few appetizers and side dishes, if you enjoy the small plate experience.


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