Laumeier Sculpture Park in the suburbs of St. Louis

The Laumeier Sculpture Park is 105 acres of art and nature.  There are dozens of pieces ranging in scale from the monumental to the human-sized with themes somber and playful.  I particularly enjoyed works by Jonathan Borofsky, Tom Huck and Tony Tasset (the eye above).  It is a wonderful place to walk or to allow children to romp.  Visitors are allowed to sit, touch or interact with some of the sculptures.  For example, visitors can sit in the hollowed spaces of Mark Mennin's "Cores for Laumeier".  The rainy weather kept us off the nature trails, but they looked like a cool walk through dense forest.  It's all free!  There is a visitor center and several buildings for education programs.  The pronunciation is "lau" (to rhyme with "now"), then "meier" (to rhyme with "higher").  Many of the pieces have small maquettes, so the visually impaired can feel a model of the piece.  Some have accompanying sound installations.

Beautiful open spaces divided by stands of trees

This Tasset deer is monumental

Another enormous piece - by Alexander Liberman

These are in the children's garden


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