Kroran Uyghur Cuisine in the Clairemont section of San Diego

Milk tea

Strip malls are often the site of hidden culinary gems.  In an unassuming mall on Genessee Avenue in Claremont, there is just such a treasure.  Kroran serves Uyghur food in a bright, spacious setting.  The Uyghurs are an ethnic minority in China.  They are predominately Muslim and live in the Xinjiang province.  This region of China is very close to Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.  The food is a pleasing and interesting blend of Chinese and Turkic cooking styles.  There are rice pilaf dishes and also noodle-based dishes and stir frys.  The most unusual item was a milk tea, which smelled like tea, but tasted almost like butter.  The food is seasoned with Chinese hot peppers.  For a generic white person's (my) palate, it was a 4 out of 10.  We enjoyed our meal and looked forward to returning!

The restaurant doesn't have a website.  The restaurant is visible from the Genessee, but the entrance faces the parking for the mall.

This bread is called nan, but it is a dense dough, more like a pretzel with nigella seeds
Kung pao chicken with lots of peanuts

Big plate chicken with noodles, hot peppers, potatoes and bell peppers


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