The Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades

You must have a reservation to visit the Getty Villa!  It is in Pacific Palisades, near Malibu and is not to be confused with the Getty Museum or Getty Center. 

The Getty Villa is a re-creation of a 79 A.D. Roman home called the Villa dei Papiri.  It houses J. Paul Getty's collection of Greek, Roman and Etruscan art.  It is well worth a visit for anyone interested in art, ancient history or just likes looking at a very cool building overlooking the Pacific.  Admission is free and by reservation only.  They charge $15 for parking on-site and this drops to $10 later in the day.  You need a reservation, even if you don't need parking.  The Villa includes a restaurant with a nice Mediterranean-inspired menu, but the menu is limited after 3 PM.  There is also an amphitheater where plays of antiquity are performed.  Now the pictures:

Bellerphon defeating the Chimera!  Pegasus on the left

One of the beautiful water features
The settings for the sculptures are beautiful

The exterior of the villa and amphitheater
One of the gems - Heracules

So many fountains


A large reflecting pool

Silenus astride a wineskin filling the pool


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