Tail Up Goat in Adams Morgan

This peach saffron shrub was amazing!  It's peeking out from behind an iced Moroccan tea.  A shrub uses vinegar instead of lemon juice to give a fruit drink some more of an acidic punch.  We had these at Tail Up Goat in bright, busy, eatery in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC.  The menu opens with a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, so you immediately have something to ponder and discuss.  Love Rilke! It has an interesting drink menu of cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, beer, wines and ciders.  There's food, too!  The menu is Mediterranean inspired with a strong vegetable presence.  My friend ordered the cavatelli made with almond pesto and fennel breadcrumbs.  I had a steak special, which was perfectly cooked.  Sadly, we didn't have room for dessert!  There are several vegetarian dishes offered, such as a caramelized sweet potato with herbed yogurt.  However, it is a small menu with about ten small plate offerings and five entrees.  So, a picky eater should examine the menu in advance.  Also, it is a tough area to find parking, so take a Lyft or be prepared to walk.

My steak

This photo doesn't do justice to the vibrant green of the sauce for the cavatelli


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