Nocturne Bar in DC

Boca del Cielo and Laguna Colorada

Str8 Outta Mumbai and Sting Operation

The Catbird Seat and Call for the Dead

Below a donut shop and behind a door with blue lights is Nocturne - a speakeasy devoted to the art of the cocktail.  There is a menu of thirty original drinks divided into carbonated, aperitif, seasonal, savory, digestif and rich.  The ingredient list is vast, including sotol (a cousin of tequila), singani (a Bolivian brandy, black sesame, fish sauce, parmesan, duck fat and more.  There are lots of questions to be asked and the staff knows all.  The cocktails are 3/4 size and a tasting of three cocktails costs $35.  Each drink we had was delicious, beautiful and uniquely presented.  

We started with Boca del Cielo (sotol, plantain, lavender, honey and white pepper) and Laguna Colorada (singani, raspberry, coriander, ginger, orange and lime).  These were fruity and light.  We moved on to Str8 Outta Mumbai (gin, maraschino, jicama, grapefruit, saffron, ginger) and Sting Operation (raspberry, cactus pear and elderflower).  I think the Str8 was not prepared to the recipe, because it had a pickle instead of a jicama spear.  I loved my Sting Operation.  Our last course was The Catbird Seat (calvados, plum, bonal and absinthe) and Call for the Dead (genever, amari, amontillado, cacao rum, nocino and a flamed orange peel).  Excellent!

There is also a limited selection of wines, beers and mocktails.

It is a very small, dark venue and perfect for a date.  It is a must if you are in DC and care about cocktails.


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