Wingtips Lounge at St. Louis Airport

I found Wingtips in Terminal One of Lambert Field, St. Louis.  It is an airport lounge open to the public for a day use fee of $38.  The fee includes lunch with soup and a choice of salads and sandwiches.  There is also a snack bar of pretzels, chips, lemon bars, cheesecake squares and cookies.  There is unlimited soft drinks and tea.  There is also a full bar, but there is a charge for hard liquor.  I forgot to ask if wine or beer is included in the day use fee.

The lounge area is very nice with a comfy chairs, free wifi, phone chargers and desks for work.  There's even a conference room.  The bathrooms are private and clean.  Although there were about fifteen people there, it was very quiet.  My flight had been delayed and I was very glad I stopped in.  I had a strawberry, spinach salad with a poppy seed dressing.  It was a small portion, but the pretzels and desserts turned it into a full meal.

It would be great if they added a nap room!

Wingtips is located on one of the sides of the terminal, near the Southwest gates that usually are for west bound flights.  There is also one in JFK airport in New York.

The snack bar

Comfy chairs


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