Walkabout Australia, San Diego Safari Park

You are in the enclosure with the kangaroos...

and wallabies, too.

They can come right up to you!

This tree kangaroo was in an enclosure on his own. Too cute!

The central feature of the new Australia Walkabout exhibit is a very large enclosure with kangaroos and wallabies hopping about.  You walk along a path and there is no barrier between you and the animals.  So cool!  A wallaby hopped right behind some people who were busy looking at the kangaroos and startled them!  Very fun!  There is also a tree kangaroo and a cassowary in traditional exhibits.  There is work under way for the home for the wombats and echidnas.  One of these days, the kangaroos are going to figure out that humans can give them a good back scratch.  Then it will be game on!

From the native plants garden behind Walkabout Australia


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