Vicia "Vegetable Forward" in St. Louis

Vicia is a climbing herb otherwise known as vetch.  It is also a trendy restaurant near Barnes Jewish Hospital.  It describes itself as "vegetable forward", but it is not vegan or vegetarian.  Vicia uses unusual vegetables in interesting way, such as ramps and nasturtiums.  Our meal started with an herbal cocktail with lavender and a non-alcoholic herbal tonic.  Both were delicious!

The entrees are served family style and made for easy sharing.

Chicken thighs with a vibrant nasturtium sauce

A tamale stuffed with polenta and topped with popcorn dust
Yogurt over citrus cake with mulberries

Strawberries, panna cotta and a peanut crumble

There is an interesting selection of desserts and also dessert cheese plates.

This was one of the best restaurants I've enjoyed.  It is an attractive, bright place with a vegetable garden in the back.  The menu is highly seasonal and varies daily.  The portions are small, so you will likely need a snack or starter, main and dessert to feel full.  My only complete is that the bus staff was overly aggressive in removing the dishes.  Our popcorn dust and nasturtium sauce were whisked away while we were still eating!  Ask to clear first, please!!!

The entrance is on Boyle Street in the back of an office building.  It is directly across from the Cortex parking lot and you can park there in the evening.


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