San Diego County Fair Fun 2018

The two signs that you've been to the fair is a henna tattoo and a stomach ache.  I got both.  The stomach ache was entirely due to my eating while walking around.  It's all on me.  I got an excellent hot cinnamon bun and wandered around with it, instead of sitting down like a sensible person.  My tattoo turned out nicely and it still looks good on day four.  I went Friday and got there just before 11:00 AM.  It was quick to buy and ticket and quick through security.  You can't bring in containers full of any liquid.  An empty water bottle is fine and you can fill it inside.  One of the highlights of the fair was a chalk art competition.  This portrait was lovely:

Can you believe this was done on the ground with chalk?
I always enjoy the bonsai display, which is hard to photograph because it is behind a plastic divider.  I saw tiny gardens, smelled fragrant roses and admired well groomed animals.  It was so much fun, I may go for a second visit.  The theme was "how sweet it is" and there was a focus on candy and also rainbow-hued "unicorn" foods.  I'm always quite overwhelmed with the food options.  There was a display about how different types of candy are made.  I enjoyed this, but I think it could have been better developed with more interactive items.  The fair is very clean and there are lots of bathrooms - the indoor kind with sinks and hand dryer. 

A gorgeous and huge dahlia bloom

There were cattle, goats and sheep

Chickens, horses, cats and dogs, too.

This was a pineapple freeze at the Candy booth and it was awesome!

Tiny gardens


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