City Museum, St. Louis

This place is hard to describe, but I'll try.  It certainly isn't a museum!  It's an enormous climbing structure, using a 10-story building and the roof mashed together with a gigantic art installation.  Imagine being able to climb up Watts Tower, Los Angeles or using Parc Guell, Barcelona as a parkour structure.

We started on the roof, which holds a ferris wheel, slides, a bus jutting out into the air, a pond with stepping stones, the entrance to a 10-story slide, a giant praying mantis, two sculptures of goats, a view of St. Louis and much more.

I wanted an overview, so we went back to the first floor.  There is a series of caves for climbing and exploring with slides, dripping water, fish tanks and more.  The artwork is overwhelming with every surface decorated in mosaics, sculpture and paintings.
Outside climbing

A chameleon guards a fountain

A cave beast

The outside is also a vast climbing structure and includes two airplanes accessed by climbing tubes.  There is something for all ages.  There are sections for very young children with small slides and a spider web hammock.  There are hours and hours for fun for older children.  There are also floors of architectural remainders of historic St. Louis buildings.  There's art and dragons everywhere.  The City Museum is worth a special visit to St. Louis!  You could visit for weeks and not see everything.  I could have taken a thousand pictures and not have captured everything!

A french horn dragon

You can climb this!

Architectural decoration designed by Louis Sullivan


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