Zip Adventures Vail Colorado

Zip Adventures offers ground-to-ground zip lining.  There's no climbing up and down towers.  The lines cross a beautiful canyon with a river at the base and waterfalls.  The experience begins at the 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott - about 10 minutes east of Avon.  It is a horse ranch with trail rides and mountain views.  The staff helps you into your harnesses and then there is a short jeep ride to the canyon.  You zip line from platforms across the canyon.  The views are great!  The first line is an introductory hop at a speed of about 10 miles per hour.  You can try hanging upside down.  The staff does the braking and every time I was able to put my feet down on the platform and easily stand up.  None of the jerking I've experienced with other zip lines.  The lines get increasingly longer and faster.  A couple can zip line tandem along one.  There is also an optional free fall jump.  There are stops for cold water, snacks and otter pops!!!  It was a relaxing and fun experience with very little time spent in transit from one jump-off site to the next.  (About a 100 foot walk between platforms).  The staff, Matt and Cannon, were very funny and paid attention to check our harnesses before each jump.  It was a super experience!  It doesn't operate during the winter, because the canyon is a protected deer breeding location.  We saw deer on the drive to the ranch.

You just walk down the platform and sail away


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