Solare at Liberty Station

Solare specializes in southern Italian food.  You will likely find a number of unfamiliar dishes from Sicily and other regions.  It's great to see more unusual options like arancini, along with classics, like osso buco.  The menu is step up in a traditional way with antipasti, soup, a pasta course, piatti, secondi and dessert course.  Each dish is on the smaller side, because it is meant to be part of a mult-course meal.  I ordered a glass from their ample wine list.  Then, I had "malloreddus agnello e scamorza".  It was a very hot, very hearty pasta dish with lamb sausage, mushrooms and topped with cheese.  It was delicious and more than enough food for me.  My friend had "pesce al cartoccio", which was the catch of the day baked in parchment paper with vegetables.  He was happy! 

Solare is a beautiful restaurant with a private dining area and a spacious outdoor patio.  The restaurant also offers food events.

The private dining area with ample wine selection

There's a nice piece of fish in there

A small, but very hearty portion

Lovely outdoor patio


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