Matsuhisa in Vail, Colorado

I'm not a huge fan of Japanese food, but I did want to give Matsuhisa a try.  It was the slow season, between ski season and the summer.  Most restaurants were offering specials and Matsuhisa had four courses for $39.

It's a fun place to eat with a group.  The menu is oriented toward small plates for sharing.  We started with edamame with sea salt and then California rolls.  Food is brought out when it is ready, so there isn't the traditional appetizer/entree concept.  Our meal progressed with shrimp tempura, sweet potato tempura and avocado tempura.  The avocado tempura was especially good with the crispy tempura contrasting with the warm creamy avocado.  One of us ordered sea bass.  Most proteins are offered with a variety of preparations.  My friend chose the balsamic teriyaki sauce.  He loved it!  We were full from the tempura and ready for dessert.

One of us chose the chef's choice of mochi.  I had the shaved ice with green tea.  The shaved ice was served with sweetened condensed milk and a green tea syrup.  Inside the mountain of shaved ice was sweet red bean paste and a delicious custard.

The restaurant offers a nice sake, cocktail, beer and wine menu.  The altitude was giving us some trouble, so we thought it wise to abstain.

Rock shrimp tempura

Forgot about the chicken skewers!

Green tea, passion fruit and peach mochi

Shaved ice - before


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