Market Restaurant + Bar Del Mar

This is certainly one of the best restaurants in San Diego!  The Market Restaurant + Bar is in Del Mar, just east of the race track.  The exterior looks a bit like an insurance office (it shares a building with Sotheby's International), but the interior is luxe with dark walls, mirrors and chandeliers.  I started with a fabulous tangerine cocktail - perfectly balanced and not too sweet.  We received an amuse-bouche, compliments of the chef of salmon, egg salad and roe on rye.  It was a delicious, smooth, blended bite.  We split an appetizer of a blue cheese souffle paired with a small berry salad.  The crisp salad was a nice contrast with the melting, warm, rich souffle.  For entrees, I had duck breast; One friend had halibut; Another friend had a saffron ricotta ravioli with baby artichokes.  We were all very pleased.  My duck was cooked two ways.  There was a confit on a bed of pureed turnips.  The turnips offered a pleasant earthy, slightly bitter note and balanced the richness of the confit.  The other half of the plate was the classic roast duck with sour cherries.  It was on a bed of kale.  Again, the vegetable offered a counterpoint for a dish that can often become too sweet.  The portions were large, for a fancy restaurant.  We didn't have room for dessert.  The waiter gave us three house-made caramels.  Next time, no appetizer, to save room for dessert!  However, I will not dispense with the cocktail.  Never!

The blue cheese souffle and berry salad

My duck two ways.  Both ways were great!
A vegetable lovers paradise!  Saffron ravioli

Excellent!  But, my bouche is easily amused.


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