Juniper & Ivy, San Diego

I really enjoyed Juniper & Ivy's open, bright interior.  I'm tired of dark restaurants with the tables scrammed together, so you are forced to listen in on other people's conversations.  Juniper & Ivy has huge skylights and an open kitchen.  The contemporary American menu was interesting with bites, small plates and entrees options.  I started with a gin and Earl Grey tea cocktail.  It was great.  They gave us an amuse bouchee of deviled eggs made with a meringue.  I ate a biscuit and then abalone schnitzel.  Abalone is all texture and the dish was made flavorful mushrooms and cherries.  My friends had a fresh pea salad and a mushroom gemelli.  For dessert, we had the yodel.  It is served with a pour of hot chocolate.  It is a wonderful texture with ice cream inside and lots of crunchy stuff too, like toasted hazelnuts.

The restaurant is located next to the Crack Shack, so look for the giant chicken.  It is in the part of Little Italy that has parking.  There is also valet parking for $7.

The chocolate yodel

My biscuit


My cocktail

The house deviled egg with a white meringue center

Pea salad small plate

Gemelli small plate


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