Georgetown Scenic Loop Railroad and Mine Tour

The Georgetown Loop Railroad passes over a beautiful river and offers mountain views and a panorama of the valley.  We were in the Presidential car, which was more enclosed than the other cars.  It was a bit chilly, so we were glad to have closed windows.  Other days, I think the cheaper parlor cars offer a better view.  Our ride included snacks of fruit, cheese, crackers, chocolates and a chocolate mousse.  Beer and wine is also available for purchase.  We chose to take a tour of the Everett mine.  The leader did a great job helping us understand the experiences of a mine worker.  It was a little scary, because the mine is narrow and the lighting dim.  Afterwards, they showed us how to pan for gold.  The mine tour included a light lunch of hot dogs and chips.  Then, we took the train back.  It was Mother's Day and every lady left with two roses and a mug.

We visited downtown Georgetown, which has many Victorian era homes and a main street with a good selection of restaurants.  Most of the stores were closed, because it was Sunday.  It was a great little town to visit.  We particularly enjoyed the local chocolate maker.  We bought two boxes - a milk chocolate with chai spices and a white chocolate with saffron, fennel, rose and sea salt.

The river and train bridge in distance

The mine - they close the door when you are inside.  Yikes!

They gave us three different mousses

The view from the train

The cute town of Georgetown.  That's the police station


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