Timken Art Museum and then lunch

The Timken Museum of Art is a small jewel in Balboa Park.  The collection is small, but excellent with works by David, Zurbaran, Veronese, Sargeant, Rembrandt and others.  My favorite painting is Petrus Christus's "The Death of the Virgin".  I like the way it depicts so many reactions to the passing of Mary.  There is a man who has fallen asleep during the vigil.  One, arriving late, is just entering the doorway, others have red-rimmed eyes from weeping.
The museum doesn't allow photography.  This is from their catalogue

After my visit, I went to Panama 66, just across the plaza.  It is the restaurant associated with the San Diego Museum of Art, another fine museum in the Park.  It has an extensive beer and wine menu, cocktails and great light fare.  It is an outdoor cafe and accesses the small sculpture garden with works by Henry Moore, Louise Nevelson, David Smith, Barbara Hepworth and others.
Jerk chicken with plantains and mango relish

Eat with Louise Nevelson

The view of the California Tower

Ducks came for a visit


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