Tea time is always the right time!

I love high tea!  I love the little sandwiches.  I love the tiny desserts.  I would have high tea every day, but for the calories.  The best high tea I have ever had was at Marlene’s Teas and Cakes.  Everything from the scones to the mini beef wellington tasted so freshly made.  We ordered from the tea menu of black, flavored black, green and roiboos herbal teas.  Each person gets her own pot of tea, served from a china tea pot.  There are also glasses of cucumber lemon water. 

Then the tower of tea treats is delivered.  The bottom level was savory sandwiches, including: chicken grape and almond salad; cucumber and cream cheese; and ham and brie, There was also a mini quiche and a beef wellington bite.  The quiche was especially rich and delicious.  The next level was an amazingly delicate blueberry scone with cream and fresh fruit. - such a delight to have a proper scone instead of the huge and leaden scones at most coffee shops.  The top tier was dessert, including a fruit trifle, a macaroon, a marshmallow brownie and a linzer tart cookie.

Marlene’s is located between Rancho Santa Fe and Rancho Bernardo, just off Camino Del Sur.  There are two seatings:  11 AM and 2:30 PM and reservations are required. 


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