Steamy Piggy Dumpling House

Steamy Piggy has the vibe of a hipster juice bar - sunlight, hanging plants, a patio and a young staff.  What gives it away as a dumpling place are the two people in the front hand rolling and stuffing dumplings.  We started with the dumplings sampler with flavors including curried chicken, "pimp" shrimp, chives, burger, egg & cheese and cabbage.  They were full of flavor.  The dumplings are steamed and seared on one side so the texture is crisp on one side and tender on the other.

We each had an entree.  One of us had spicy Dan Dan noodles, which he thought could have been spicier; another had Beijing ZJM; another had wonton soup, which was an enormous portion.

The food was great and we each had left-overs for another meal.  So many Chinese restaurants are very traditional.  Steamy Piggy was a fun, light California take on more street-food style Chinese food.

The restaurant is located on Convoy Street - now the center of San Diego's Asian food scene.

Our dumpling sampler


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