Somi Somi aka "fish ice cream"

Somi Somi serves amazing soft-serve ice cream in delicious fish-shaped cones.  The cones are crisp on the outside and tender, like a crepe, inside.  They fill the "fish" with your choice of nutella, creme and other choices, then load in the ice cream.  The flavor choices are Asian, such as black sesame, milk, matcha and "ube".  The black stripe is black sesame, which tastes like halwa - sweetened sesame paste.  The white stripe is milk.  There are also a range of fun toppings.  The cones are prepared when you order, so they are fresh.  The staff is very nice and happy to offer samples.  I didn't figure out what "ube" was.  It's purple.

Somi Somi is part of a larger bing-su restaurant.  It is located on Convoy Street, which is the Southeast Asian dining center of San Diego.

The fish are unmolded after cooking and neatly trimmed


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