Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute Snake Farm, Bangkok

We were excited to hear that this snake farm has venom extraction shows.  Unfortunately, they weren’t being offered on New Year’s Day.  Despite that, we weren’t disappointed by our visit.  It is a large collection with an emphasis on local snakes.  There is a wide range of venomous snakes native to Thailand.  The snakes, including cobras, have roomy enclosures.  The harmless water snakes were especially interesting, because they were tangled in big bunches.  There is an indoor display on venom extraction, the effects of venom on the human body and snake anatomy and life cycle.

There was a wonderful snake show!  First, the handlers brought out a king cobra and put it down on the floor just feet from the audience.  It's hard to imagine how big this snake is, until you see one in person.  The fearless handlers brought out even more venomous snakes all, but one, carried in their hands.  The most exciting part was when a handler brought two hissing cobras and demonstrated the loud noise they make when annoyed.
Two Siamese hissing cobras

Snake bites are a real danger in Thailand.  Some of the most dangerous are small and unassuming.  Proceeds from the farm help support the development of anti-venom to help bite victims.


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