Bingsu in Bangkok

Matcha green tea with cake chunks and red bean paste

Strawberry with sweetened condensed milk and syrup
Bingsu is a popular Southeast Asian dessert.  It is shaved ice dusted with a flavor such as strawberry powder.  It is served with sweetened condensed milk and a flavored syrup to pour over the treat as you make your way down.  Mine was topped with red bean paste.  At the core was matcha ice cream and more sweet bean paste.  My friend had strawberry and another had mango.  They were great!  We ate at Swenson’s in the Si Lom Central Mall in Bangkok.  The mall has a large food court with a wide range of choices.  According to our guide, Thai people enjoy trying foreign foods when they eat out.  The food court had many Western food options, such as bakery items and cafes, as well as Chinese and Indian food. Like most things in Bangkok, is was very clean and modern.  The mall is located near Lumpini Park.


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