Evsin Palm Springs

We were only in Palm Springs for two days, but we liked Evsin so much we went there twice.  It is modern Mediterrean.  They use red quinoa in place of traditional bulgar wheat in their tabbouli, as an example for their modern take.  They offered use complimentary beet gazpacho.  I'm not a beet person, so I passed mine on to others.  We offered the trio of spreads as an appetizer.  Fabulous!  I could have just eaten them for a main course.  They were tzatziki, hummus made with black garlic and then a spread made of "burnt eggplant".  The latter had a wonderful smoky taste.  I had an appetizer as a main course: grilled haloumi (a salty farmer's cheese) topped with a sweet sauce of dates and honey.  The area around Palm Springs has several date farms, so the dish combined the local with a Middle Eastern staple. 

Dolmades on quinoa
Tabbouli with red quinoa

Grilled haloumi cheese topped with dates and honey

 The restaurant is a little hard to find.  It is in front of a motel and their sign wasn’t up yet.  The decor is pleasant.  It is a bright white space with modern art work and some traditional touches, like a wall of glass lanterns.


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