Poway Farmers Market

Melons and more from Yasukochi Farms, Oceanside
The Poway Farmers Market is a true treasure.  The vendors run the gamut from staples like fresh fruit and vegetables to gourmet treats like gluten-free cookies.  The fresh items are grown locally in Oceanside, Valley Center and other parts of San Diego County.  If you can’t find it here, you probably don’t need it.

I like Heritage Farms for all kinds of citrus and exotics like passion fruit, jujubes (this is a real fruit that is like a tiny apple), figs, kumquats, dragon fruit, cherimoya (custard apple) and more.  They also offer several varieties of avocado, such as the Reed, Haas and Fuerte.

Yasukochi Family Farms has outstanding corn, strawberries, melons and more.  The fresh corn is amazing!

There is also the self-described “Yambassador” who sells a range of unusual sweet potatoes, including the purple Okinawa, as well as fresh peaches and nuts.

I also love all the products from Nicolau Farm.  They have great cheese and also a great chèvre cheesecake.

These are the vendors I look for, but there are many other choices.  There are also vendors selling fresh fish, fresh eggs, homemade sausage, fudge, hummus, salsas and more.  You can do all your shopping here.

There are also vendors selling ready-made food such as plank-grilled salmon, BBQ, crepes, New Zealand meat pies and other treats.

It is the best FM I’ve ever been too.  It runs every Saturday from 8-2 and is located in the Old Poway Park.  There is ample parking.

So many types of sweet potatoes - who knew!

Grab and go - take all of them and run away!

The micro green lady gives them haircuts for you to take home

Goat cheese from Nicolau Farms


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