Peruvian food on the way to the beach

Casa del Q’ero serves up delicious Peruvian food.  It is tucked behind a gas station, but once you are inside, you have a view of a peaceful garden with agave and palas verdes trees.  The interior is beautifully painted and the furnishings are Spanish colonial so you feel truly transported.

We started with the antojitos – crispy plantain and yucca with a garlic dipping sauce.  It was a light and tasty start.  My friend had the aji de gallina.  It was chicken in a creamy sauce.  It is a mild dish, but they were able to accommodate my friend’s request to make it spicy.  I had the lomo saltado, which is flank steak bites sautéed with red onions and tomatoes in a red sauce, topped with fried potatoes.

The Andes is thought to be the birthplace of the potato, so it is used widely in the cuisine.  Dishes were served with quinoa or rice.  The food is flavorful, with generous use of garlic.  This is definitely a place I will visit again.

There is also a sister restaurant in downtown Encinitas.

Yucca and plantains topped with parmesan

Aji de Gallina

Lomo Saltado


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