Fresh Fish Market

I don’t cook fish often.  I’m never happy about the quality of product I get at the grocery store.  I saw a news feature about Catalina Offshore Products and stopped by on Saturday.  It is a wholesaler with a retail counter.  Everything looked very fresh.  They have whole fish and filets of many species -tuna, sea bass, spiny lobster, opah and more.  I got shrimp and a gold spot bass filets - firm and odorless, just how I like raw seafood.  They also sell cooking supplies, like gourmet salts, seasonings, curry pastes, pestos and tartar sauces.  I made “garides me feta” - Greek dish with shrimp cooked in a tomato sauce topped with feta cheese.  I made a Thai-style sauce with curry paste and coconut milk for the fish, which I pan sautéed. 

The shop is located off Morena Blvd.  Well worth a visit!


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