Distracted by Dolphins

Pacific Coast Grill sits on the beach and the dolphins were a bit of a distraction.  There was a pod of at least five and it looked like a mother and dolphin child, because two swam very close together.  We had a window seat and it was a cool late afternoon, as the sun was setting.  Perfect!  We started with blackberry margaritas and a line of California rolls.  I really liked their presentation.  Putting the avocado on the outside guaranteed a creamy, rich start and they were generous with the crab.

Those dolphins are right over there!

My mahi mahi was great with a coconut and crab crust.  The ponzu-ginger sauce tasted like a warm, salty cookie – a perfect salty, sweet rich taste.

My friend had the Chilean sea bass.  He was happy – I didn’t even get a taste!

I loved the sauce and crust!

We got to PCA by walking up the beach.  We did brush the sand off our feet and put on nice sandals.  It is place where you can be casual, no beach wear, or dress up and still feel comfortable.  There is also outdoor seating.  There is valet parking or you can park down at the lot for the State Beach and stroll up. 


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