Pamir - Afghan food in Rancho Bernardo

Afghan cooking is another delicious cuisine that might be new to many people.  Afghan cuisine combines elements of Persian and Indian cookery.  The emphasis is on rice and grilled meats, but there are also many lentil options. 

We ate at Pamir, which is tucked into a plaza near Urge Gastropub and The Barrel Room (These are easier to see from the parking lot).  It is a pretty restaurant with a view of a courtyard fountain.  There are American-style tables and also Afghan-style, where you sit cross-legged on a cushion and eat from a low table.  Traditional foods, include aush (a hearty and spicy soup) and aushak, which is a dumpling in a meat or vegetarian sauce with yogurt.  In Afghan cuisine, yogurt with dill is commonly used as a sauce.  The food is full of flavor, but not spicy hot.  We go to this restaurant regularly, because it is always good.  We had:
Dal challow- stewed lentils

Mantwo is an Afghan specialty

This is a silky pudding with pistachios


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