Hubbell House Tour in Santa Ysabel to benefit Ilan-Lael Foundation

The buildings are full of stained glass details

The pool with mosaics

An interesting roof line

James Hubbell’s Santa Ysabel hilltop home looks like it was built by hobbits, who were given books on Art Nouveau for inspiration.  It is earthy, yet full of light and every nook is made beautiful with stained glass or mosaics.  The many buildings are spread across the hill to form a small campus.  There are children’s bedroom, bathrooms, a kitchen/living room, studio, pool and more.  The layout is designed to make its residents spend time outside.  Each building is thoughtful in its functionality – taking advantage of the view and breezes.  Each is exuberantly decorated.

Hubbell is a well-known artist - best known for his stained glass, mosaic and door designs.  He has also branched out into textiles and other media.  Anyone who works in stained glass knows executing curves in glass is challenging.  Hubbell is a master and humbles other glass artists.

His home is on display, from time to time, to benefit the Ilan-Lael Foundation, which promotes arts education.  Members of the family are on hand from the Hubbell’s; their adult children, who are architects and artists; and grandkids.  We went in the spring and met the oldest son who told stories about the unique experience of growing up in, what is essentially, an art installation.

The tour begins in a staging area behind the Julian Station.  Mini buses transport visitors up the hill.  It is a short trip along a narrow road.  Julian is in the mountains, so consider the weather and also bring water.  It is a wonderful tour for anyone interested in the arts, architecture or design.


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