Brothers Provisions Rancho Bernardo

It's a hipster playground!

Aspirational grilled cheese

Brothers Provisions is a casual contemporary diner with a market.  I’ve been for lunch a few times.  They have interesting sandwiches, salads, cheese boards, snacks and desserts.  I had a delicious Cuban sandwich, a few weeks ago.  Most recently, I had the Cheesemonger’s Grilled Cheese, which had grilled corn and a spicy aioli added.  (I'm going to try this at home.) I’ve also had the warm goat cheese salad.  Very good! 

The seating is at long tables. It creates a nice environment to strike up a conversation with new people.  There is an interesting  selection of beer on tap.  There is a large refrigerator with a good selection of juice, teas, water, etc.

For dessert, my friend and I split the Earl Grey cheesecake.  It had a definite Earl Grey flavor that was surprising and distinctive.  The texture was a bit gummy, which is often the sign of a slightly over-baked cheesecake.

The market consists of some interesting specialty items, such as artisan chocolate, a large of cheese and deli meats and a vast wall of beer.  There is a focus on local San Diego and West Coast craft beers.

Brothers Provisions connects with Mason Coffeeworks, which offers a range of cold pour options.  There is also a big selection of take-out food ready-made.

Brothers Provisions is tucked into a small strip mall, lined with eucalyptus trees.  I’m looking forward to giving it a try for dinner, too.


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