Avant at The Rancho Bernardo Inn

Coconut cheesecake with a mint puree 

Fall menu - tangerine glazed chicken with cous cous and an egg

Avant is another of my favorite area restaurants.  I eat here often, because the food is excellent and the menu changes seasonally.  There’s always something new to try.  They also serve my favorite cocktail in the world – Aviation.

During the summer, I was devoted to their cheese plate (five cheese or three cheese).  This was perfect for warm evenings.  I decided to go fish, this particular evening.  I had halibut with smoked lobster tortellini, sea beans and a ginger broth.  Sea beans are actually a green that grows along salt marshes.  They are tasty with a natural brine taste.  I especially enjoyed the radishes in the dish!
The picture is a bit dark because it was lit by candle light
My friend had seared sea bass with salsa verde and avocado crème fraiche.  He was very happy and loved the fresh greens and salsa verde.

We didn’t have time for dessert, since the Patriots were playing the Chiefs.  (priorities!).  I know from experience they also serve great desserts.

The restaurant has a great selection of sea food options, including an oyster bar (seasonally).  There are also vegetarian entrees and appetizers.

The restaurant is beautiful with a lively bar area, cozy dining area and the option of dining on the patio overlooking the golf course.  It is a place where you can be very dressed up and not feel awkward, but many patrons come from the golf course in resort casual.


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