Alborz Del Mar

If you aren’t already familiar with Persian food, give it a try.  It is delicious with an emphasis on grilled meats, complex rice dishes and seasonings, rather than hot spice.  “Polo” are lovely, colorful rice pilafs.  Persian food often mixes sweet with savory, incorporating dried fruits in rice dishes.

Alborz represents Persian food well.  The dishes taste fresh and most dishes are well balanced with salad and rice.  In addition to the familiar kabobs, they also serve Persian specialties, such as fesenjon, an interesting stew of walnuts and pomegranate.  There are also Greek dishes, like spanakopita.  We have eaten there many times. 

The restaurant is also a hub of the Persian community and they have live music some evenings.  It is located in a strip mall, but the restaurant is pretty with plenty of light and surrounded by trees.

They give this awesome olives with bread

Kabob with rice flavored with saffron 

Adas polo has raisins and lentils and is served with chicken and salad


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