The Marine Room in La Jolla, CA

The Marine Room is as close to dining in the ocean as you can get – without getting your feet wet.  It is at beach level, just south of La Jolla Shores.  You can watch sea kayakers heading out to explore La Jolla’s caves or little children with buckets gathering seawater for their sand castles.  The restaurant is fully enclosed, so you won’t be bothered by wind or a rogue wave that crashes against the large windows.

Restaurant Week, prix fixe $50 per person - appetizer, main and dessert:

App: Pistachio Ras El Hanout (spice mixture) spiced prawns

App: Baby Romaine with goat cheese, baby pear, rye crisp, pomegranate agridolci

Entree (additional $15): Halibut with lavender flourish 

Entree:  Coffee Stout Braised Beef Cheeks.  That's a truffle cloud ear mushroom!

Dessert trio with ocean view:  panna cotta, berry sorbet, fondant
No, I didn't eat all this myself!  Always great and theatrical presentation of vegetables.

Summer visit:  Our party of four started with cocktails.  I ordered my favorite – Aviation, a classic made with gin and crème de violette.  It is the most delightful shade of blue and complimented the waves outside.

The ocean had a nice view of my cocktail
Two of us ordered a halibut special.  The dish was made colorful with several sauces, bright vegetables and flower garnishes.  Another chose the Maltese Orange Ginger Glazed Swordfish.  It also was lively with a green pistachio gremolata, baby vegetables and an ouzo foam on the side.  The final diner ordered Shetland Islands Open Ocean Salmon.  She particular enjoyed the freekeh, a hearty grain she had never tried. We were all very happy.  The fish was perfectly cooked and the vegetables and other accompaniments were delicious.

Swordfish with ouzo cream

Sadly, none of us had room for dessert!

This was our second visit to The Marine Room.  We are looking forward to more.  For a special occasion restaurant, the prices are good.  The salmon and swordfish were $39 each.  The menu also includes beef dishes, chicken, elk and a tofu main course.

Beach/work-out wear isn’t allowed.  Most patrons were in neat, but casual clothes.  (It is San Diego, after all!)
Osso bucco - perfect for a cold winter evening (yes it does get cold here)

From March 2018 evening.  Great sunset!

Cheesecake - all mine!

Creme brulee


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