Solti tasting room and production plant

The weird thing about Solti juices is that they keep disappearing.  We went to the factory, off Mira Mesa Blvd. and left with six bottles.  When I took this photo, two hours later:

The watermelon mint were consumed on the drive home

two bottles were already empty.  It’s a puzzler!

JImbo’s carries Solti products, but to experience the full range of their offerings, I recommend a visit to their factory/showroom.  There is a tasting bar, where you can sample a range of their products.  They make beverages for cleanses; a lemonade with turmeric; an artic chaga, made with mushrooms; a lemonade with charcoal; green teas, and more. 

You can sample up to six and the offerings vary

My favorites are the gingermade (citrus with ginger): red ruby grapefruit (no bitter aftertaste) and watermelon mint.  Once, I bought the Artic chaga, which is an alarming black color, and I found the taste a bit earthy for me.  

There is a short tour of the factory, if you ask.  The factory features a huge stainless bottling system.  There is also cold storage for fruit and product storage and a juicing room.  The juices are cold pressed and the teas are cold brewed.  Everything is vegan, non-GMO and raw.  The whole place is immaculate.

Solti juices are organic.  They settle and separate, so need a vigorous shake before drinking.  They are also free of preservatives, so should be finished within a week of purchase.  They don’t last long in my house!


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