Herbaria - St. Louis

Herbaria sells natural cold-process vegetable soaps that are free from synthetic fragrance or preservatives.  Touring their store/factory is a delight.  They use natural herbs and spices to create soaps, deodorants, moisturizers and more.  The factory itself looks more like a kitchen and they are happy to show you the ingredients and explain the process.  The smells are delightful and each bar looks like a tiny work of art.
Our haul: sassafras birch, ginger neem, eucalyptus mint, rose geranium and more

Small bars in the drying rack

Their ingredients: bay laurel, annatto, chamomile, lavender...
Many of the combinations seemed like salad selections from a great vegan restaurant, such as fennel/mint and sage/lemongrass.  They use natural products such as pumice and red rice to add an exfoliant.  They also have sensitive skin formulations.  One of their funniest products is a luffa soap, which is a luffa dipped into soap and then sectioned into round bars.  If you take a tour, they give you free small bars.

Most bars are less than $6 and we loaded up with more than ten plus a deodorant.  We are planning a trip to Asia, so my selections included “Camper’s Choice”, which includes citronella – a natural insect repellant.

The store is located in “The Hill” neighborhood.  It’s an area full of great Italian restaurants, casual cafes and gelaterias.  Herbaria also sells through its online store.


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